10 Random acts of kindness to do as a family

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If you're looking to spice up your family time, why not commit to these 10 random acts of kindness? These RAOK's are family-oriented, so you'll not only brighten someone's day, you'll also strengthen your family bond.

1. Family ties

If you're thinking of starting a kindness project as a family, be sure to begin with each other. To show genuine kindness to others, it is important for each family member to know they are loved, appreciated and cared for at home. A great project that provides such a reminder is to make one another these simple yet stunning heart bracelets. Wear the bracelets during your kindness project as a family reminder of your love for each other.

2. Show kindness to animals

When embarking on your random act of kindness journey, don’t forget your furry friends. Find animals in your community that need to be shown kindness and compassion. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or foster a pet that needs a good home.

3. Make sandwiches

Acts of kindness don't need to be complicated to make an impact. A great way to show you care is to call your local food bank or homeless shelter and ask whether your family can make sandwiches for the volunteers or residents. Pack a basket full of food and spend your lunch break sharing good food and conversation.

4. Coffee time

Take a morning coffee break to someone who has been important to your family. Perhaps it is your family physician, school principal or mailperson. Go to the local coffee shop, pick up a cup of coffee and a goodie, and personally deliver the coffee break to someone who deserves it.

5. Free compliments

If you want to make someone a little happier, take a few minutes to print out copies of this free compliments poster. Have each member of the family think of a few places they could put it up during the day. Remember to take one for you!

6. Say thank you

Courtney DeFeo shares a great way to say thanks. She says to "print a happy photo of your children. Write 'thank you for how you serve our family' on the back. Take copies all around town to those you never thank but should."

7. Plant a seed

A garden is a beautiful manifestation of how something small can turn into something big and beautiful. Just like spreading kindness, spread good, healthy food to your community from your own garden.

8. Share a story

Purchase a copy of your family’s favorite read-aloud book. Inside, write a message or quote a favorite part of the book. Give the copy to a family and let them know that when they finish the story, they must pass the book to another family.

9. Have a free lemonade stand

If you have younger children, a wonderful summertime RAOK is to set up a free lemonade stand in your neighborhood. Passersby will be surprised that you simply want to share a cold drink and expect nothing in return!

10. Give them a break

Think of a family that could really use a break — perhaps a single mom or soldier who has recently returned from deployment — and spend a day helping them out. Show up with prepaid movie tickets for them to enjoy time away, and then spend a few hours mowing the lawn and cleaning the house.

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