3 Unique ways to bring your family together

Strengthen your bond

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With the increasing demands of life, we sometimes seem to focus more on things on the calendar than on our relationships with the people involved. If you are looking for a creative way to rekindle your family bond, try one of these unique bonding experiences.

Connect while camping

In any of the 50 states, you can find a perfect family camp experience. From simple and rustic campgrounds to high-end luxury, your family can have the experience of a lifetime in the great outdoors. Family camps include traditional camp activities such as canoeing, fishing and singing around the campfire, as well as provide more unique opportunities to make a connection. Some camps offer high and low ropes courses that teach families to build trust, while others, like the Washburn-Norlands camp, provide the truly unique experience of living like a 19th-century farm family. You won’t regret the time spent together in such a unique environment.

Garden together to grow together

According to, there is no "better place to 'grow' special family memories than in a garden. Gardening with your kids or grandkids at home or at a community garden not only provides the tangible benefits of exercise and fresh food, it also fosters communication, builds strong relationships, and offers an opportunity to work toward a common goal." Gardening can provide families with the opportunity to work together on a long-lasting project; it requires communication, learning new skills and patience.

Be a united force for good

There is perhaps no greater way to bond as a family than to rally around a cause. Sit down to a family meeting and discuss a social issue that matters to every member. Then, seek out opportunities to serve as a family. Perhaps your family is passionate about feeding the hungry; call your local food bank and ask to volunteer together once a week. If you are pet-lovers, agree to become a foster home for abandoned or abused animals. If you are unsure where to begin, check out an online resource such as VolunteerMatch and see where the needs are in your community.

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