Fun ways to survive the holidays

How to have your happiest holiday

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The season is upon us. Glittery storefronts, magical music and smells of age-old recipes float in the air. Kids laugh in the streets and people take time to give to those in need. Or, perhaps your view of the holidays is crowded streets, crying kids, burning turkey and undesirable house guests in your living room. If you are dreading the holidays this year, try one or more of these fun tips to help get you back into the true spirit of the season.

Do the unexpected

Sometimes the best way to survive a traditional event is to be a bit rebellious. Instead of trying to meet the expectations of the culture or your community, do something different. If it stresses you out to make a big dinner, don’t. Make something your family likes instead. If you don’t want to put Christmas lights up outside, don’t. Decorate the inside of your kids' bedrooms instead. Do something unexpected that makes you actually happy this season.

Moderation is key

It is easy to lose perspective and get caught up in the excessive nature of the holiday season. To have more fun this year, keep it simple. Overindulgence can lead to feelings of guilt and unhappiness, so this year, let moderation be your mantra. You can waste a lot of quality time on needless traditions or extras. Focus your time on the things you want to do to maximize your fun.


Adults often forget the powerful nature of play. Instead of planning the typical cocktail party that requires hours of preparation leading into hours of posturing, find your inner child and go play. Go ice skating, snow shoeing or build a snowman instead. Being active and pursuing play will make your holiday much more memorable.

Turn it off

Gadgets and gizmos are on everyone’s wish list this year. While technology can add a wonderful element to our lives, during the holidays, take time to turn it off. Spend time connecting with the people around you by playing games, having tea and slowing down. Emails and status updates will be there tomorrow, but moments with real people are short-lived.

Be grateful

One of the surest ways to increase your positive feelings during the crazy holiday season is to simply be grateful for what you have. Take time each day to write down in a journal or on a family chalkboard something you are grateful for. You can never go wrong when being grateful for the things you have.

What will you change this year to make things more fun?

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