10 Rules to live by for a fun life

Living a fun life is just 10 quick steps away

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No matter your age, how much you make or where you live, there are always ways to find happiness in life. Life’s too short to live down in the dumps. The little things can bring you the most fun — like eating well, going on adventures and laughing until you cry! Make the most of what you have, and live by these 10 rules to make your life the most enjoyable it can be.

1. Dive into a good book

Reading is really the easiest way to add excitement to your life. Fun doesn’t always have to mean being physically outgoing. Enlightening your mind with crimes, mysteries, comedies, love stories, anything that enchants and transports you to another place is an adventure in and of itself. That feeling of living inside a story's universe lets you escape reality, forget your problems and take a step back, and that’s what fun is really all about.

2. Enjoy what you eat

Eating healthy is important, but you can't forget that desserts and treats here and there are what make life tasty. Cooking with your kids, friends or family will also make the meal all the more enjoyable if you’re having fun preparing it.

3. Vary your workouts

Doing too much of the same thing day in and day out will feel like a chore right away. Simply doing things out of the ordinary like playing a new game in the yard with your kids, joining a basketball game at the gym or racing on the treadmill with your friend will bring a fun mix to everyday life.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff

Lightening up can let you open your eyes to the funny, crazy life around you. No one likes a worry wart, and being uptight can even affect the people you’re with. When you're too focused on the nitty-gritty, you can miss out on the fun in life.

5. Play like a kid again

Kids never seem to have a care in the world when they're out running around with their friends, and maybe there's something to that. Climb trees, fly a kite, run in the rain, lay in the grass! It may sound like childish nonsense for an adult to do this, but it helps you live without a care in the world (well, even if just for the afternoon).

6. Laugh, laugh big.

There is no other remedy to feeling better than with a sidesplitting laugh. Watch your favorite comedy show, talk to your girlfriends, find what it is that makes you crack up and be sure to spend time laughing off some steam every day.

7. Make a wish list

Create an inspiration board filled with fun activities you spot in magazines, websites or blogs along with great quotes about living a happy life. is a great virtual pin board, or you can create an inspiration space on your fridge for the family to contribute to.

8. Be curious

Go places in your town you’ve never been before or never normally visit. You don’t have to explore halfway around the world to discover new things. Spending a whole day in a neighboring park or visiting nearby historical sites is a fun escape from everyday life.

9. Rest up

Don’t forget to sleep. Being half-attuned to the fun is when you’ll miss it! Nothing fun comes from being groggy, cranky or fussy. Don’t miss an opportunity just because you couldn’t stay awake for it.

10. Listen to new bands

Checking out the local music scene is a great way to find new and interesting hangouts in town and meet new people.

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