Fun fitness: 7 Must-try workouts that will make you smile

Sweatin' with a smile

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If boredom with your cardio routine makes you want to throw yourself off the treadmill, it's time for a workout makeover. Try one of these seven must-try workouts that will mix things up and make you smile.

AIRobics at Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports is a chain of recreation centers that feature wall-to-wall trampolines for everything from open jumping to dodgeball and AIRobics — a fitness class performed solely on trampolines. You'll jump, twist, jog and twirl on the unstable surface while blasting major calories and enhancing total fitness.

Antigravity yoga

Yoga may bring a smile to your face all by itself, but you're sure to start grinning when you're performing yoga poses while suspended from the ceiling in yoga slings. Not only are these AntiGravity Yoga classes physically challenging and fun, but they'll also require you to engage your brain as you learn to move your body without the constraints of the ground.

Punk rope

Remember when you used to play jump rope games with your friends at recess? You probably never realized that you were exercising because you were having so much fun! Bring back the playground experience by trying a Punk Rope class. These jump-rope-inspired classes encourage silly fitness and child-like play, all while challenging you with high-intensity exercise.

Camp Gladiator boot camp

Ally Davidson, the founder of Camp Gladiator, won American Gladiator in 2007, then used her winnings to start her Gladiator-inspired boot camp. In just four short years, Camp Gladiator went from a relatively small movement in Dallas to a nationwide workout phenomenon. The trick to these tough, boot-camp-stye workouts is the focus on fun. The trainers are always excited to see their campers and aren't afraid to use a little goofy inspiration to help get participants through hard routines. Campers also can look forward to fun events such as camper happy hours, gladiator games and special bonus workouts.


If you love to dance and you haven't tried Zumba yet, you need to join the "original fitness party"! This choreographed dance workout combines Latin and international dance moves with fun music that has an exotic beat. You'll feel more like you're dancing at a club with friends than blasting calories at a gym.


Hula hooping isn't just for kids. Hooping classes are popping up across the country, and Hoopnotica is at the forefront of the movement. When you take a Hoopnotica class, you'll relive your childhood while swinging a weighted hula hoop around your waist, hips, arms and legs. The workout is challenging and fun, and you won't even realize how hard you're working because you'll be focusing so much on keeping the hula hoop where it's supposed to be.

Xbox Kinect Adventures!

Xbox Kinect is the brand's answer to the Nintendo Wii, but the Kinect's active games free you from holding a controller or staying on a balance board. Rather, the Kinect system tracks your movement with a camera and gauges how you run, jump, slide and twist. For a fun way to laugh through a workout, try Xbox Kinect Adventures!. This game includes a series of challenges that will force you to leap in every direction, run and jump in place, and move your body in every plane of motion. You'll be huffing and puffing at the end of each series, but you'll instantly want to try the next challenge because you'll be having so much fun.

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