8 Lifestyle tips to look slimmer by Saturday

Tricks to look trimmer this weekend

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It’s Monday morning, and your daily ritual of weighing has proved less than satisfactory -- especially because you were on target to trim off a few pounds before the coming weekend’s activities. There’s no such thing as (healthfully) dropping 10 pounds in five days, but take heart: You can look slimmer by Saturday.

Drink plenty of water

If you're feeling bloated like a puffed-up toad, it seems wholly contradictory to pump in the water. Dehydration can actually make your body hang onto body fluids, though, and can wreak havoc on your digestive tract, causing constipation and digestive distress. Aim for eight (8-ounce) glasses of water daily to keep your body well hydrated. Adequate hydration also gives you more energy to do your daily activities and work out, both of which equate to more calories burned.

Fill up on fiber — just don't overdo it

Before you hurry to the market to buy its entire stock of fiber supplements, keep in mind that too much fiber can cause gas and bloating. If you add more fiber-rich foods to your diet starting today, though, you can reduce your total caloric intake for the week, boost your energy, and maybe even drop a couple of pounds by Saturday. Here's how:

  • Replace white bread with whole-grain bread.
  • Ditch doughnuts for whole-grain cereals.
  • Reach for fruits and veggies at every meal.
  • Substitute beans for half or all of the meat in your pasta sauces, soups and stews.
  • Snack on a handful of nuts instead of chips or cookies.

Salt less to weigh less

We know that salt makes food taste better and harder to limit (have you tried eating a single potato chip lately?), but the sodium-source doesn't just encourage overeating; it also leads to bloating. Decrease your sodium intake by forgoing as much processed and fast food as possible, and use less salt when cooking. Consider pulling the reins in on your restaurant meals this week (and in general); salt and other sodium-rich ingredients are plentiful on most menus.

Prioritize exercise

Working out or doing some form of physical activity should be on the top of your health-conscious to-do list every day, and even more of a priority if your goal is to look slimmer by Saturday. Can you sweat off 10 pounds by the weekend? Not without putting your health at risk, but daily exercise will burn calories and fat, boost your mood, make you feel better about yourself, and can even help alleviate bloating and other digestive distress. Incorporate a couple of core-based workouts, such as Pilates and yoga, to get you in tune with your core muscles and the mantra "belly button to spine" to make your waist look smaller even if your weight stays the same.

Stand up tall

Your mom was right about standing tall with your shoulders back. In addition to making you appear like an upstanding (pun intended) woman, a healthy posture makes you look trimmer. Think about it: When you slouch your shoulders forward, you make yourself appear shorter and squatter, and your belly pooches out. Standing tall, however, allows you to gracefully lift your chest and draw your tummy in. And if it doesn't do wonders in visually whittling your waist, it will make you appear more confident; that alone is attractive.

Loosen up

Seriously, do you really think that wearing a size smaller in clothes miraculously makes you look smaller? Sorry to break the news to you, but tight attire makes you look plumper (and it's uncomfortable to wear). A muffin top, back fat and stretched clothing seams do little to make you appear slimmer. Buy a killer outfit that actually fits the size you are right now. It can be slim-fitting or tailored to make you appear thinner at the waist and longer at the leg, but make sure it doesn't pinch, bind or accentuate your jiggly parts.

Shape your body

For woman of all shapes, sizes and levels of tone, body shapewear is the bomb. From tightening torsos and slimming thighs to boosting booties and breasts, body-shaping underwear can comfortably slim, trim and enhance the appearance of your physique from knees to chest. Take an afternoon to try on different brands and pieces to find the shapewear that works for you and your special Saturday attire.

Get high on heels

Forgo your flats for a sexy pair of heels to make you appear taller and trimmer. We're not talking ankle-twisting stilettos; rather, we're encouraging shoes or boots with a heel height that is comfortable for you and perfectly suited to your weekend plans. In addition to making you taller, heels naturally make your legs look longer. Put on your heels, stand tall, and use your Pilates instruction to pull your belly button back to spine to give you the ultimate trifecta for looking slimmer this Saturday.

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