Celebrity flaws we love

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Reveling in the imperfections of the otherwise perfect is just human nature. When we see a celebrity having an off moment because she has something in her teeth, or he's red-faced and sweaty from jogging, or she has bad hair extensions (are you listening, Christina Aguilera?), we have a brief neener-neener moment. Some celebrities, though, are right out there with their flaws, making the rest of us feel just a bit more normal. Here's a list of celebrity flaws we love, and how you can love yours, too.

1Bad hair

No matter what role he's playing, David Spade always makes us wonder if he a) has a mirror at home, and b) if he uses it. His hair is forever awesomely bad. What we love about it all is his attitude: Love me, love my fright wig. You can love your bad hair, too, by remembering it's just hair. It grows, it falls out. Why waste time, energy and angst on something you may or may not have in 30 years? 


Goldie Hawn is right out there with her hail damage, and we love her for it. Remember the scene in Overboard in which she bends over in that ridiculous swimsuit? Think of that the next time you're cowering on the beach because the backs of your legs look like they were hit with a sack full of nickels. Goldie not only wears a swimsuit, but she does it on camera for millions to see. We're not sure we can put the words "love your" and "cellulite" in the same sentence, but just try and think of it as one more thing Momma gave you. Most people know it's not your fault. Momma also gave you that flawless skin or emerald green eyes. Having cellulite just makes you a little more human.

3Facial scars

In some lucky folks, personality trumps physical flaws, as is the case with Tina Fey. When you are relatable and witty, having a scar -- even on your face -- makes you more interesting. You can love your facial scar by remembering that everybody has scars -- some on faces, some on the inside. It's part of our story; it's what makes us us. And that is cool. Being insecure about these kinds of flaws only gives those around you power they don't deserve. So rock it. Love it.


Kirstie Alley is one Hollywood actress who has not only made chubbiness look sexy, but she seems to have embraced it. Yes, she jumps in on weight loss programs occasionally, but how else do you explain Fat Actress? She approaches her less-than-ideal weight with beauty and humor, and we love her for it. How can you love your love handles, too? By working with them, as Kirstie has, rather than against them. Stop trying to squeeze yourself into styles that are manufactured for tweens. Figure out a way around your flab, as this Fat Actress has done by wearing flattering clothing.  Incorporate the artful use of smoke and mirrors (big hair, in Kirstie's case). 

5Bad chest hair

The first time we saw Will Ferrell with his shirt off, we thought it was a joke. Let's be honest here: Will's chest looks a little like he's sporting a welcome mat made of pubic hair. That is funny, which is why we assume Will insists on going shirtless in practically every movie in which he stars. How do you love your chest hair? If you're a woman, you can't. Get that mess removed, yesterday. If you're a dude, roll with it. Manscaping is on its way out. We want men to look like men, not 12-year-old girls. Hairless chests have come to represent the kind of people you see profiled on Tool Academy. Now, if you have excessive back hair, we refer you to our advice for women who have chest hair. Lose that junk. Now.


If freckles are good enough for the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow, they are good enough for you, too. We love Gwynie's freckles because, like most flaws, they make her seem just a bit more like the rest of us. But can you really call freckles a flaw? Stop hiding behind them. They make you look like someone anyone can talk to and befriend. You will also, on some level, perpetually look like you are 15. Maybe you get sick of people telling you how "cute" you look now, but when you're 80, you'll still be adorable. How many freckle-less people have that going for them?

7Facial mole

Shame on Enrique for getting his facial mole removed! That sent a very negative message to the facial mole community. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford made them famous… beautiful women such as Eva Mendes and Julia Roberts continue to carry the trademark mole torch. Even the otherwise facially flawless Angelia Jolie has one. These women heart their moles, and you should, too. Exception: A facial mole with hair growing from it has no excuse. Fetch up that facial trimmer and get busy.

8Crooked nose

We love Owen Wilson's crooked nose, because we pretty much love everything about Owen Wilson. Here's a little secret guys need to know about crooked noses: Women love them, because it projects this "I'm not just a pretty boy. I can take a blow to the face and not fix my nose." Don't ask us why that's sexy. It just is. Much like chest hair, though, this flaw carries a gender-based double standard. Fortunately, you don't see a lot of women with crooked noses. Presumably, this is because women don't get in a lot of brawls, or they recognize the double standard and get it fixed. How do you love your crooked nose? By learning to distract people with your humor and charm, as Owen does.