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Each new day is full of options and brings a fresh start. Today -- every new day -- is a gift, and none of us knows how many of these gifts are ahead. Open yourself up to new adventures, people, and possibilities -- and start living your life to its fullest.

1Enjoy adventures.

Seize the day and be a little adventurous. Visit new places, try new things, meet new people. Instead of the same old routine, step outside of your box and revel in some new experiences.

2Find purpose.

Whether it's being a great parent, a devoted friend, or an active volunteer that makes your heart sing, having purpose helps us all live better. You're here for a reason!

3Laugh louder.

Laughter releases endorphins and promotes longevity, so it really is the best medicine. Laughter is the outward expression of inner joy -- the more, the merrier.

4Appreciate life.

Open up your eyes and look around: Your family, your friends, your pets, your home... you have things for which to be grateful wherever you look. Whether it's a beautifully sunny day or a project that went well at work, slow down and savor the good that surrounds you.

5Love fully.

Love yourself, and focus on both your inner and outer beauty; you'll see the same in others. Love the people who treat you right, and forget about those who don't. Life is too short and precious to hold back love from the people in your life who deserve it. Love is never wasted.

6Pass on the past.

Don't dwell on mistakes and painful experiences. Learn from them, but remember that the past is gone. Don't worry about a future yet to come, but live fully today. You can't revise your history, and you can't fully anticipate your future, but you can embrace where you are today. Now matters.

7Keep your foundation.

Always be open to hearing other opinions, but stay grounded in the foundation of your beliefs. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs, and don't let anyone push you around. Getting caught up in the minutiae of everyday living is all too easy, but your beliefs speak to the core of who you are. Respect them and live peacefully with them.

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