10 Reasons to love your job

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If you need more job satisfaction, take another look at the job you have. Finding ways to appreciate what you have can lead to more love for your job -- and, in turn, may lead to improved performance. Your job doesn't define you, but how you do it does.


These are tough economic times, but you get paid for your work. Whether it's a six-figure income or just enough to meet your needs, you have a job that pays you for your time and effort. Unemployment numbers are high, so simply having a job and a regular paycheck rank high on the list of reasons to appreciate your particular job.


We're social creatures. Coworkers and clients provide conversation and challenges, and you may be building lifelong relationships to enjoy outside of the workplace. They may even help you with the next step in your career.


It's not where you start -- it's where you finish. What you master today can lead you to the next level. You're developing skills that can benefit you later.


Hard work now can lead to opportunity. Supervisors and managers take note of employees who give their best effort to every task. Create opportunities for yourself by always doing more than necessary, and doing it well.


Whether it's an award, a bonus, a raise, or just a simple "great job" from your supervisor, getting recognized for your good work is affirming.


You wouldn't have a job if you weren't needed as part of the whole. Remember that what you do -- whatever the job -- is part of the bigger picture, and that your job matters.


Your job supports you, your family and your lifestyle. The money you earn pays expenses and allows you to work toward goals.



Speaking of goals, we all need them. They push us to try harder and to persist -- and the satisfaction of reaching them is the reward. Whether it's a college education for your child or a dream vacation, it's your work that allows you to reach your goal.



A job well done brings satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. It doesn't matter if you're cleaning houses or running a major corporation: Doing it with excellence builds pride and confidence.



It keeps you on your toes, mentally and perhaps literally. You have to concentrate and master new skills to do a job well. By stretching yourself to accommodate job tasks, you keep your mind expanding and alert. The learning is never wasted!

Looking at your job from a different, more appreciative perspective may give you the morale boost you need to start each workday with enthusiasm -- and that can translate to success.

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