3 Tricks for boosting your confidence

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Self-esteem is a tricky thing -- and overcoming your fears and being yourself are hard without it. Don't let a poor self-image interfere with your plans and dreams when just a few tricks can help you gain the confidence that will help you feel attractive and ready to take on the world.

1Look the part.

Dressing nicely and being well-groomed simply makes you feel better about yourself, so make the effort. We're not talking about $500 suits here -- just flattering and presentable business and casual clothes that make you feel good. Add glossy hair in an updated style, artfully applied makeup and a bright smile. When you put your best foot forward with your appearance, you'll be ready to tackle the world.

2Be kind & generous to yourself.

 You're always nice to others and generous with your time helping friends, so extend the same golden rule to yourself. Reflect on your good qualities, your talents and the reasons your friends are so devoted to you. You'll begin to understand what a unique and worthwhile person you are, and how much you have to offer the world. Set aside some regular time to do something nice for yourself. Take an adult education class in a subject that interests you, or learn a new creative skill that has always intrigued you. Increasing your competence at anything boosts your confidence, and it can be fun.

3Stand tall & speak slowly.

 People who stand tall just look confident and more attractive. Make it a habit, and it will empower you. A person with authority doesn't jabber and rush speech to hold a listener's interest. Confident people have something to say, and they know that what they have to say is worth listening to. Speaking in an unhurried manner commands more attention, and makes your audience -- whether it's an individual or a large group -- really listen. Having others pay attention to your thoughts and ideas can't help but boost your confidence.

Vicki Clinebell majored in journalism at the University of Colorado, and headed an advertising agency before beginning a long career in broadcasting, spanning production and copywriting to sales and management for an ABC affiliate station. Deciding to switch gears and write fulfilled a lifelong ambition. She started as a blogger for a diverse group of businesses, and now writes for a number of websites for companies in her hometown in the Rocky Mountains, and provides advertising copy and media buying for national and regional clients. She finds the research as interesting as the writing, learning about subjects as diverse as construction scaffolding, child safety seats, and newest trends in beauty and fashion. As a long-time devotee of SheKnows, she’s thrilled to see her own work on the pages.