3 Fashion indulgences every woman deserves

Fashion indulgences

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Instant gratification? A few fashion indulgences will boost your looks and your confidence. Get the go-to items that you'll always reach for.

Indulgence: defined as gratification, or something granted as a favor or privilege. When it comes to fashion, the indulgence opportunities are countless, and every woman deserves a few that make her feel smart, powerful, sexy, put-together...and just plain special!

1The perfect cashmere sweater

Nothing feels as good as cashmere: it just whispers of luxury and is a timeless classic. Whether you choose a charcoal gray cardigan that goes with everything from your favorite pencil skirt to jeans, or opt for a cowl-neck tunic in a skin-flattering coral that skims your hips without adding bulk, a cashmere sweater is light enough to go from season-to-season. Dress it up or dress it down, cashmere feels good enough to always make you feel great, too. It will be one of the "go-to" pieces in your closet that's totally worth the cost.

2Luxurious lingerie

Admit it! It's nice to have a little secret hidden under your buttoned-up business clothes or mommy-on-the-go garb. Utilitarian cotton just doesn't provide the same zing: that slightly naughty and powerful feeling that satin and lace deliver. Beautiful bras...demi-cup, underwire, minimizers...with matching panties in unexpected colors (Lilac! Red!) and silky fabrics are morale boosters. Your inner bombshell will love the lift of black lace, and you'll walk a little taller and feel a little flirtier. Try on a few styles: thigh-high cuts, tap pants or thongs, and discover what appeals to the siren in you. They can remain your little secret, unless you decide to share. Don't underestimate the power of beautiful underwear!

3Signature jewelry

One special piece of jewelry that you wear all the time is an indulgence, and a true pleasure. Don't worry about mixing metals: they may not match, but they can work well together. Is your signature piece a hand-hammered silver cuff bracelet, or antique teardrop earrings? Maybe the piece you favor has sentiment and love wrapped inside: a locket passed down from a relative, or a ring that your mother always wore. Do you choose hoop earrings that peek teasingly out of your curls? Classic diamond studs or a single diamond on a dainty chain that nestles perfectly in the hollow of your throat? Practical - and punctual - women may insist it's an accurate watch with beautiful design married to great function. Whatever your style, your signature jewelry will be the piece that you reach for to wear every day.

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