7 Fast aging fixes: Look younger instantly

Look younger

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Look and feel younger fast! You don't need surgery to instantly erase some years from your looks!

It just takes some little adjustments in your beauty routine and a few new tricks to age go ahead and erase the years without cosmetic surgery!

1Shine on!

Healthy, youthful hair shines! Put the luster back in colored hair by adding a drop of orange or grapefruit essential oil to your conditioner. If you color at home, don't go too dramatic: choose a shade within two shades of your natural color. Gray hair absorbs light, so can look dull or dry. Treat it to a clear gloss or glaze once a month to boost up the shine. And bang out an instant facelift, with the right bangs! Bangs disguise those pesky forehead crinkles and bring the attention back to your eyes. Side-swept bangs flatter an angular face, round shapes look younger with layered wisps grazing the eyebrows.

2Wear v-neck silhouettes

They direct the eye up to your face and elongate your body.


3Smooth on!

Prime time skin starts with a facial primer applied after moisturizing. Your makeup glides on smoother, and is less prone to cake into lines and wrinkles. Starting with a smooth canvas makes flawless application a breeze.

4Get a glow!

Scrub gently and get glowing. Sea salt or sugar is a gentle scub that won't irritate most skin types, and is especially effective on the throat and chest area. Slough off the dead skin cells for a healthier, younger look.


Up your daily SPF. Sun damage is the major cause of prematurely aged skin. And as we age, our skin becomes thinner, needing additional protection. Make it part of your daily routine to use a 30-SPF sunscreen under your makeup, and on other exposed parts of your body.

6Eat lean!

Eat enough protein. Protein breaks down into amino acids: little wonders that can help repair skin cells. A deficiency in protein can lead to sagging skin, so chow down and firm up! Lean protein gives you plenty of energy to match your youthful look! Take 75 mg of Vitamin C every day to further ward off wrinkles. And add olive or canola oil to salad dressings - you'll be adding radiance to your skin.

7Lift naturally!

Boost your brows. Sparse eyebrows are aging, while full natural brows lift your eyes. Fill in softly with a brow corrector in a shade similar to your hair color. Feather the corrector in; never draw a harsh line. Medium-deep eye shadow applied in an inverted "v" shape also lifts sagging eyes, and is a youthful contour.

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