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Banish bad hair days by finding the perfect style to compliment your face shape.

Having a bad hair day? It happens to all of us once in a while, but if you battle bad hair days often, you may be fighting a losing battle with your natural hair texture and face shape. Sure, you can always straighten curly hair, but it takes time and money. Extremely thin hair rarely looks good grown past shoulder length. And most of us don't have limitless time to fuss with our hair if styling takes more than 15 minutes on a busy morning. Start with a great cut that's easy to maintain and compliments the shape of your face.


Congratulate yourself if you're the most versatile face shape, the oval. A multitude of styles and lengths will look good on you! Just stay away from dated looks. Long, straight hair can make an oval, especially if you're petite, look childish. Add some layers that hit at the cheekbones or chin - any feature you want to highlight. The layers will prevent your hair from weighing down your face and give your style a breezy, fresh look.


Heart-shaped faces...think Reese Witherspoon...look great with bangs. The heart shaped is wider on top, so balancing the shape with side-swept bangs will pull attention toward your eyes. When getting your cut, keep in mind that bangs shrink when they dry, so cutting them wet could result in a too-short chopped off look. Always have your bangs cut dry. Women with heart-shaped faces are flattered by styles from shoulder length bobs to long waves.


Square faces have stong, angular features. Top to bottom and side to side, the face measures the same. The lucky women with square faces can rock long hair beautifully, and look equally good in softly layered bobs. Avoid sharp, blunt cuts that accent the jaw. A tapered bob with wispy bangs works well on a square face, and it's a shape that can also pull off the gamine charm of the pixie cut.


If the width of your face at your cheekbones is equal to the length of your face, you're a round shape. Even thin women - Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, for example - can have round faces. A typical round has softer non-angular features and fuller cheeks. Gentle waves minimize the roundness, and long layers are ideal. Keep your hair below chin level with soft layers cut in to add movement and bounce.

Take a close look to figure out your face shape, then shape up your look with a flattering new style!

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