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You don't have to wait until you're fit to look good while working out. In fact, looking great helps you stay motivated and confident – and in turn may make your workout go better.

Comfort is key.

Your best bet for any activity is clothes that stretch and bend with you but help you look your best as well. Choose clothing that moves moisture away from the body as quickly as possible.

Dress for the activity.

Loose-fitting tops aren't appropriate for yoga or Pilates because they can ride up during some of the moves. High-impact activities also require more form-fitting tops -- especially for large-breasted women -- to minimize movement and promote comfort and support.

Look the part.

Exercise shorts or pants made of Supplex may sound intimating, but try to be open to all the new materials intended to make us look slimmer. After all, Spanx makes you feel more confident in a cocktail dress, so extend that to your exercise wear. If your workout clothes help make you look more fit, you might just be motivated to stick with your workout and reach your goals.

Don't overdress.

Wear as little clothing as you feel comfortable in (within the bounds of propriety). People exercise more vigorously when they are not overheated.

If you take a look around your gym, you'll see a wide range of clothing. You can opt for stylish and comfortable T-shirts, straps, sleeveless shirts and stylish shorts, any of which can help make you feel amazing as you work out.

Slim with black.

Black is a slimming color for a full silhouette. Add a bit of personality with stylish and comfy exercise shoes, headbands and other accessories that will add flavor to your workout outfit.

Exercise clothing that helps you look and feel great can give you even more reason to look forward to your daily fitness routine.

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